1st Thaxted Scout Group

Strategic development plan

November 2018

Current position 

Thaxted scout group has been a successful, well run and popular group since 1966 giving hundreds of children the opportunity to experience the scouting adventure. Over the past 12 months the group has undergone some huge changes with new sections and leadership teams to add meaning that at the time of writing we have 119 members spread across our six sections. In the last 12 months, we have reformed our Exec committee and the group is now in a great position to continue its growth into 2019.  

This document sets out our strategic development agenda for the Thaxted Group for 2019. Proposing a growth plan to expand Cubs sections in both Thaxted and Carver over the next 12 months and continue to develop the Scout Section in Carver whilst maintaining numbers across Beavers and Scouts in Thaxted. This development is based on extensive infrastructural and financial resources, supported by a capable and expanding volunteer team.

3.2 Storage facilities 

Current storage of most equipment is at the Bardfield road site in a secure storage container, Other storage locations include a cupboard at Bolford Street hall and cupboards at leader’s home addresses. The exec is currently working with Thaxted Parish council to establish a new location for equipment storage once Bardfield road is lost to housing. Equipment is currently undergoing a consolidation process and an inventory/ asset tag system is being completed to allow audit procedures to be put in place. 

4. Growth Plans 

4.1 Adult Recruitment to enable continued expansion 

Thaxted Scout group must continue to expand and grow to meet the local demands. To do this we need to attract adult leaders. To achieve this increase in resources a significant change to recruitment methods must be made. 

The proposed method of expansion of our adult leadership team is to offer children priority spaces within the group provided a parent/ guardian takes on a role within the group. This approach has been extremely effective in Saffron Walden. 

Also, Leadership teams are working on current parents using rota’s and asking for help when it is required to ensure that the section is adequately supported. 

Bo, Rory and Stephen are following up on potential leads on leaders for Thaxted cubs… Update to rest of the committee soon. 

4.2 ensuring the stability of numbers in Beaver Sections in Thaxted and carver

Both the Beaver sections currently have 24 members with substantial waiting lists. The plan for 2019 is to ensure that these sections remain stable with these figures ensure that we have potential members ready to join once space becomes available. We have no plans to increase the section size at this time as we feel this is a nice manageable number. Further consideration of this may be given during 2019 based on Leader numbers and demand. 

4.3 expanding our Cub sections 

Our Cub Sections are both currently below 20 members at 19 and 16 members our aim is to increase this to this number until we reach our capacity figure of 24 in each section. Priority rests on securing adult leaders for our Thaxted Section as soon as possible to allow for an increase in our youth members. Our current maximum for these section remains at 24 members but this may be revived during 2019 dependent on leadership and demand. As the current rate with 100% continuation from the current beavers, we could be looking at 24 members at Thaxted Cubs in May 2019 based on current speculations. And 23 in Carver based on the same data.

4.4 retention of Scouts at Thaxted and Growth of scout group at carver 

Current figures are 25 Scouts at Thaxted and 11 at Carver. We plan to maintain the current numbers at Thaxted Scouts. At Carver Scouts, we intend to grow the section using the current Cubs that are ready to move up as well as recruiting new children as they move on to Carver Barracks. The current leadership team at carver is easily equipped to deal with the extra young people and have enough recourses and facilities for this to happen with no issues.